Sustainable efforts recognized year after year! FDC International Hotels Corporation achieves Platinum Award once again at the TCSA Taiwan Sustainability Awards.

FDC International Hotels Corporation has once again been honored with the TCSA Taiwan Sustainability Award. This award, participated in by major corporations in the Republic of China, focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and evaluates companies’ ESG sustainability reports. It recognizes companies that have achieved outstanding accomplishments in CSR and encourages them to progress towards sustainable development. This reaffirms FDC International Hotels Corporation’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development, highlighting its leadership position in the field of corporate social responsibility.

This year’s sustainability report from FDC International Hotels Corporation stands out with its unique features, attracting much attention. Each chapter is named after the local Bunun tribal style and customs in the Vakangan Hot Spring Park, emphasizing FDC International Hotels Corporation’s respect and concern for local culture. The report also emphasizes elements of local revitalization, showcasing the sustainable mission held by FDC International Hotels Corporation in its business operations. Through this design, FDC International Hotels Corporation aims to communicate its steadfast commitment to sustainable development to a wider audience, encouraging more companies to participate in social responsibility and collectively promote the practical implementation of sustainability.