FDC International Hotels Corporation has been honored with the “CommonWealth Magazine Sustainable Citizen Award” in the Small Giant category for 2023.

FDC International Hotels Corporation, with a focus on environmental sustainability and local community development, actively engages in social initiatives. Even amidst the challenges of the pandemic, the company has been dedicated to ESG development, implementing concrete measures to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Initiatives include not providing single-use amenities and bottled water, installing food waste processors, promoting the use of locally sourced ingredients, hosting events to clean local ponds, advocating for the use of environmentally friendly cups, promoting SDGS courses, and conducting LCA carbon footprint assessments. Infrastructure-wise, they have implemented water recycling, enhanced energy efficiency equipment, pollution control systems for wastewater and air, energy-efficient lighting and water-saving equipment, and centralized monitoring for energy efficiency.

In 2022, FDC International Hotels Corporation pioneered the “Accommodation Carbon Negative Emission Program,” inviting guests to opt for the “Carbon Negative” surcharge, allowing each trip to effortlessly offset double the carbon emissions generated by their stay. This initiative goes beyond carbon neutrality to achieve a negative carbon footprint, aligning with customers to collectively strive for reduced global carbon emissions.

FDC International Hotels Corporation achieved 5th place in the “CommonWealth Corporate Giant Awards,” serving as the highest recognition and encouragement for the company’s long-term efforts. The high scores in corporate governance and social engagement underscore the commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and bringing positive energy to Taiwan in the future.