The newest location in the Palais Collection, “Palazzo Colonna,” situated in Taichung, is now accepting reservations, creating a luxurious banquet service.

FDC International Hotels Corporation is proud to unveil the dining and banquet facilities within the “ASIA1 Sustainable Center” named “Palazzo Colonna” under the Palais Collection. Not only does it offer exquisite dining and banquet services, but it also officially begins accepting reservations today. The banquet, starting from $23,990 + 10% per table, can accommodate up to 25 tables. Our commitment to excellence is further emphasized through the expertise of the Michelin culinary team, TIBA International Butler certified team, and the WSET International Sommelier team, providing advanced personalized lifestyle consultation services.

“Palazzo Colonna” has achieved eight groundbreaking milestones in the banquet industry. It stands as the only venue in Taichung limiting itself to one wedding per time slot, boasting a remarkable 90% open space and a mere 8% building ratio, making it the only venue in Taiwan with landscape installation art and fields of wheat or seasonal flower seas. It is also the sole all-inclusive banquet hall in Taiwan with a mobile food truck, the only church-style banquet hall, and the only one equipped with TIBA International Butler and WSET International Sommelier services simultaneously. Additionally, it features Taiwan’s only open-air modern church design and integrates with project show houses, introducing the unique VIP box for experiencing future private home banquets. Leveraging these eight exclusive features, FDC International Hotels Corporation aims to seize the top-tier banquet market in central Taiwan, fostering progress in Taichung’s banquet industry.